Property Cleaning Solutions With Your Convenience in Mind

Professional cleaning companies help ease the burden of deep cleaning your home or office. They also assist in maintaining your property during the sales process.

What affects cleaning services’ prices?

The cost to hire cleaning professionals can depend on how large your home is (how many square feet), how many rooms you have, how thorough a cleaning your house needs, how many bathrooms you have, and how often you want your place cleaned. The number of bathrooms will increase your home cleaning price because bathrooms are dirtier and require more effort to clean than other parts of your home. Home size will always affect cost, but if you make an exceptional mess on a regular basis, your cost may be higher even for a tiny space than for a larger home that’s kept cleaner between visits.

ABCS also offers special services such as eco-friendly cleaners, carpet cleaning and special rates for biweekly cleaning packages or post-construction cleaning. We also offer free estimates for a thorough cleaning and itemize their additional service prices.


Helping You Increase Your Home’s Value

When it comes to selling your home fast, first impression is all that matters.We are proud to offer you our expertise and knowledge in presale cleaning that is sure to create an impact on potential buyers and maximize returns on your investment.

Services and Rates

Window Cleaning

Residential Windows – $95 minimum

$13 In/Out Ea

Commercial Cleaning

Storefronts – $25 Windows
Based on the size of the store

Residential Cleaning

Once-a-week basic cleaning service

Weekly Cleaning – starting at $90

Biweekly Cleaning – starting at $135
Every other week of scheduled cleaning

Move-In/Out – $180 and up
Complete cleaning
(windows, fans, light fixtures, baseboards, and more) Book Today!